Ver o Mundo Program

A vision of opportunities

See the World Program

Throughout our history, we have invested in various social activities. "Ver o Mundo Program" is one of them. Started in 2007 and shared with Conquest One employees, we encourage, through lectures and activities, young people from poor communities in the state of São Paulo to work in the area of technology and information technology. One of the goals of the project is to introduce to the community how a technology company works and the innumerable job opportunities and professional growth that this segment provides.
This initiative makes us a "Citizen Company" that seeks the democratization of technology and thus collaborates with the reduction of "digital exclusion".

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APAE of São Paulo

APAE São Paulo

We are partners of APAE of São Paulo. Even though we are not obliged to comply with quotas, we believe that we can and should contribute to society by enabling people with intellectual disabilities to have opportunities in the labor market.
It is part of our culture to respect people as human beings, regardless of their professional orientation, gender, age and ethnicity. We respect and encourage human diversity in every way.


Abrinq Foundation

Fundação Abrinq

We are partners of the Fundação Abrinq since 2008. The Programa Empresa Amiga da Criança (Child Friendly Company Program) mobilizes companies for a social action for the benefit of children and adolescents in Brazil. The Program encourages private social investment in actions for children and adolescents and supports the companies in the qualification of their actions, so that they are in line with the Statute of the Child and the Adolescent.
We are proud that we were recognized by Abrinq as a Child Friendly Company that supports campaigns against child labor, opposing to this practice.