Talent and passion for IT people


Conquest One was brought forth through the passion for technology and people. Two elements that, when combined, result in dynamism, innovation and performance. And that is what sets us apart. We are a Staffing company specializing in IT, which offers sustainable and innovative strategies to clients, meeting their business initiatives and challenges with speed and precision.

With a diverse portfolio encompassing the various aspects of IT outsourcing and hunting, we carry beyond expertise in the field, a history of important partnerships, titles and awards that validate our enthusiasm and passion for understanding people, as well as our innovative and intelligent process practices.

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To provide the best Staffing services for Hunting and IT Outsourcing through qualified professionals, generating value to our Clients, Employees, Shareholders and the Company.


To be a reference for the delivery of the best services of Staffing for Hunting and Outsourcing of IT based on the identification of qualified professionals and valuation of human capital.



This is our biggest asset. The personal, professional and social development of our human capital gives meaning to what we do on a daily basis, promoting constant motivation to serve our clients with excellence and at the same time contribute to the development of society.


We inspire our people to develop and do their best, always seeking new limits and respecting differences. We encourage proactive and entrepreneurial attitudes in such a way as to create a culture of collaborative and innovative actions.


We continuously and sustainably grow, with responsibility, commitment and ethics in our relationships. Our success depends on the success of our clients, employees and suppliers. We encourage and adopt the best governance practices in people and business management.



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