I am about to complete 5 months working for Conquest One, and I come here to say that during this period, CQ1 surpassed any expectations I had about the company. Since I was invited to participate in the selection process, I was able to see in CQ1 an excellent career opportunity and professional growth.
Conquest One can provide everyone a proximity that I had never seen; even as a client, I feel as if I were in Conquest One itself. I was always offered support, in a fast and effective way, being helped in whatever I need. I am very happy to be part of this group. In fact, it is an incredible company and it deserves all the won prizes and recognition due to being an excellent company.
Thank you to each one of you and congratulations on providing the satisfaction I have with Conquest One.

Fabrício Araújo

A cycle ends however, my gratitude will always be permanent to all those involved in CQ1 for these almost four years of partnership, for completeness, transparency, support and above all the respect that has always existed.
I will be available to add to what is possible, always.
Keep being more than a consultancy, congratulations to all of you.

Alexandre Eduardo Sêneda

CQ1 made the difference, because I already worked for other consultancies and I did not received the same attention that I have here.

Wallace Antonio Barcelos Pimentel

CQ1 values the professional, the client and the society when it provides voluntary actions.

Viviane de Almeida Sanfins

Conquest one treats everyone equally without any discrimination and recognizes the value that each one has.

Vanessa Soares Silva