The art of managing talent with focus on results.

In addition to making projects feasible, we deliver assertiveness and results

IT and qualified people are the main pillars of our success. We are specialized in managing IT professionals, ensuring maximum efficiency and agility for your project. Our employees are selected according to the customer's culture and values, allowing an alignment that goes beyond technical capacity. We apply structured performance appraisals, continuously monitoring and tracking people's performance and ensuring that the customer has the best IT professionals for their project throughout the implementation cycle.


Managed Services under measure

Conquest One provides teams with specialized professionals to support infrastructure environments and cross-platform systems, with metrics defined through SLAs. Examples: Operational Systems, Middleware, Database, specific systems and/or business management.



  • Services with SLA;
  • Multiplatform systems and infrastructure support;
  • Services with work schedule and 24x7 customizable shift as needed;
  • Procedures based on rules and standards ITL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library);
  • Corrections and improvements in applications;
  • Adequacy to the work model of the client;
  • Complete support infrastructure;


  • Elaboration of specific solutions;
  • Projects according to the need and specification of the client;
  • Introduction to new technologies;
  • Team training and certification;
  • Retention of knowledge and HR management methodology;

Service Desk under measure

Conquest One also acts in an integrated manner in service desk operation management, with physical structure, software, hardware and qualified professionals to meet occasional and continuous demands, providing higher efficiency, productivity, performance and quality to its customers.



  • Occurrence capture;
  • Screening by type of occurrence;
  • Registration and research of occurrences with knowledge base formation;
  • Dashboard for periods and types of occurrences, operational and managerial reports;
  • Technical support in infrastructure and systems at all levels;
  • SLA control;
  • Complete support infrastructure (PAs, equipment, management software and call center);


  • Performance in line with the main methodologies of the global market;
  • Professionals with ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) certification;
  • Training and monitoring of professional performance;
  • Ability to implement flexible operating models as required by the customer;
  • Low turnover;